Weight Loss Clients

Melissa Najda

“It was June 2011 and my daughter, Lauren, started training with MAQ to improve her agility and strength for volleyball. As I watched student athletes work hard all summer, I realized I had to get moving again. I always enjoyed running but never worked out on a regular basis. I weighed 165 lbs., and wanted to lose weight and train for a 10 mile run. MAQ provided me with the workouts/running schedule to help prepare me. The first 3 weeks were torture but I made it through! I realized I could do anything now. Each workout was challenging and fun, but motivated me to keep going. I saw results with each workout! In less than 1 year, I lost 35 lbs. and ran a 8-9 min/mile (down from 12 min/mi). By conquering MAQ’s training, you not only lose weight but gain physical and mental strength. It gives you the confidence to succeed in all areas of your life!”


Nijda Before









Nijda After