Be sure to track each of your workouts on the VersaClimber app and take a screenshot of every entry just in case the app fails (make sure the date and feet climbed are shown). After your last workout in January, email us your total feet climbed at

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Why is Versa Burn 360 by MAQ the best workout?

Zero Impact

Versa Burn 360 offers all the strengthening power of going for run or hitting the stairs, but without the harsh impact on your joints. Rather than pounding the pavement, the VersaClimber machine moves with your body

Fat Burning

The high intensity nature of Versa Burn 360 gets your heart rate up to the optimal fat burning pace, plus studies have proven that a VersaClimber burns more fat and calories than a treadmill, elliptical, bike or stair machine can.

High Intensity

Alternating intensity levels of your workouts allows you to reach new levels of fitness. Staying between 90 to 95% of your maximum heart rate is considered high intensity, and doing so for a 30-minute interval helps tap into different energy supplies in your body.

Biomechanics Progression

The VersaClimber was created with special attention to the way the body moves and interacts with the machine, allowing it to help improve coordination, balance the body and align the spine and hips—all while getting a high intensity workout in in just 30 minutes.

A Workout at Your Own Pace

Classes are designed so that you can push yourself to your own level. While this is a high intensity workout, intensity varies based on your level of training, and every level is celebrated in our classes.

Full Body Training

A combination of cardio and core strength training uses your full body rather than just focusing on one area. You’re getting your heart rate up while strengthening key muscle groups.

Our classes keep you coming back for more.

“I used to be a distance runner and once my arthritic knees signaled it was time to give that exercise up, I couldn’t find another low/no impact alternative-until of course Dave at MAQ introduced me to [Versa Burn 360]. It is amazing! Same or maybe even better runners high keeps me coming back for more. My family says I am addicted. The top level equipment and instructors at MAQ make all the difference! Not quite back at ‘fighting’ shape, but getting closer with every climb!”
-Paul C.

Get 3 classes free as a new client!

Pricing for Versa Burn 360 Classes

New Clients 3 Free Classes
1 Class $16
5 Class Package $70 ($10 savings)
10 Class Package $130 ($30 savings)
20 Class Package $240 ($80 savings)
One Month Unlimited Classes $229

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