Sports Training

Strength, speed, hand-eye coordination, first step explosion and vertical progression are essential to dominating the court or field. But it’s not only about your body’s capabilities, it’s about what your mind believes you can accomplish. At MAQ Training, we give each and every athlete the confidence and training needed to take their performance to the next level with sport- and position-specific training.

Sports we train for include but are not limited to:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Soccer

Unlock Your 360° Potential

Every athlete has the potential to be great. Here at MAQ Training, we evaluate every athlete in retrospect to his or her sport and ability level. We then develop an individual dominating sport-specific progressively charted training program for that athlete. We use a dynamic approach to position-specific development. Most training sessions have an average of a 2-1 athlete to trainer ratio. In today’s sports, it is crucial to develop all 360° of the body and skill. Being one dimensional will not be efficient in today’s sports.

Isometric Warm Up

Each session will have an isometric warm up specific to position movements in order to gain better functionality and maintain strength in key muscle groups.

Muscle Memory

We teach every athlete to gain perfect muscle memory and disposition in their movements through a series of drills focusing on the hips, IT band and more.

Agility & Strength

Our athletes then move through a segment of modern elite exercises and drill sets that include, but are not limited to, agility and strength training, as well as hand-eye coordination training.

Realtime Video and Movement Feedback

Periodically or when necessary, live video will be recorded in order to further coach and develop the athletes individual progression. Seeing yourself on the court and/or field is a very quick and effective way to see errors and how to correct them.

Position-Specific Resistance & Progressive Training

Our time in the gym is finished with position-specific resistance and progressive training on the court and/or field. Once the athlete has performed these exercises at 80% efficiency we move to the next level progression. Below are some specific examples for a few of our sports.

  • Basketball: focusing on shooting, ball handling, precise foot placement, angles and movement in a real live atmosphere.
  • Football: focusing on individual position specific development, precise foot placement, angles and movement in a real live atmosphere. Athletes will also perform combine drill development such as the 40-yard dash, vertical jump and shuttle. Along with resisted over speed training.
  • Volleyball: focusing on individual hitter, passer, setter development. Resisted approaches and swings, lateral movement, reaction, heavy hands, balance and bosu ball work. First step explosion, vertical, timing, precise foot placement, angles and movement in a real live atmosphere.

At-Home Workouts

Each athlete will also receive a progression of at-home workouts needing no special equipment in order to enhance their development. This allows the athlete to train and strengthen 360 degrees of their body on and off the court.

High Quality Equipment for High Quality Results

At MAQ Training, we use the best equipment available to aid in your training. Some of the equipment you’ll use with us includes:

  • Vertimax
  • Quickboards
  • Raptor
  • Over speed treadmill
  • Skillmill/SkillRun
  • Resistance equipment
  • And much more


At MAQ Training, we use the best recovery and maintenance equipment available for athletes. This includes but is not limited to NormaTec Boots, Gameready, and Stim.

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