High School/College Athlete Testimonials

Nicole Peterson – IUP

“MAQ has pushed me to points I never thought I could go to. They have not only helped me physically but also mentally. My vertical has drastically increased since I’ve started and I’m also faster and lighter on my feet. They push me every session to work harder and have made me a better leader. They take the time to learn your strengths and weaknesses and every week we try to minimize the weaknesses. The workouts and volleyball training I receive from them has helped me achieve my goal of playing volleyball in college. I would not be the athlete I am today if it wasn’t for MAQ. Dave, Brittany, and Tejay have made the effort to create a relationship that feels like family to me and you don’t get that many other places. I wouldn’t want to train anywhere else! ”

Madison Alberty – Ohio State University

“I began working at MAQ when I was in seventh grade. I knew if I wanted to become a D1 athlete that I needed to transform my body. I needed to put on weight and muscle in a healthy way, and I also needed to improve my speed. MAQ pushed me and challenged me both physically and mentally to achieve my goal. I look forward every week to going to MAQ! The staff makes my hard workouts fun and enjoyable! I know that they are invested in my potential as an athlete! MAQ has definitely prepared me to continue my soccer career at the next level.”

Kirsten Badowski – University of North Carolina Wilmington

“Without the high intensity training at MAQ, I would not feel prepared for college and the level I am playing at today. MAQ has helped every aspect of my game…physically and mentally. Not only do I get individual training specialized to what I need, but I get to meet and train with some of the best athletes in NEO. The MAQ family has developed me into a new and better person. I am always looking forward to every workout and love walking out knowing I got better. MAQ helped me through my whole recruiting process and I am now committed to the University of North Carolina Wilmington.”

Jaelyn Withers – University of Louisville

“MAQ has helped me get closer day by day to become faster, stronger and smarter on the court. Also helping me prepare for the collegiate level and getting closer to achieving my goal of playing in the NBA. They’ve helped me to achieve new heights athletically and skill wise. The game of basketball always came easy to me because my dad always had me around it, but Dave and the staff have made it so much easier. I’ve finally found a place and staff that matches my work ethic and my drive to become better.”

Caden Kolesar – University of Michigan

“MAQ has helped me reach my full potential and then some. I’ve improved so much in overall athleticism and I credit a lot of that to the staff at MAQ. I’d challenge anyone to try a one hour session at MAQ, because it’s one of the hardest workouts you’ll ever do, but gives you one of the best feelings after. It is individualized so you can work on your weaknesses and really see results. Their workouts have improved my quickness, vertical and speed tremendously. Dave, Brittany and Tejay have created a family environment and I love those guys. They’ve helped me in achieving my dream of playing football at the next level. I’m going to continue to go for as long as I can.”

Emma Tupa – University of New Hampshire

“MAQ is developing me into the successful athlete I strive to be. I starting working with the trainers there about 8 months ago, and never imagined that I’d improve so much in such a short period of time. Every workout challenges you to push yourself to work to reach your full potential. In the time I’ve been at MAQ, my vertical has improved, I am swifter and lighter on my feet, and my strength has increased. The unique workouts are effective, but also keep it fun and entertaining. Since working out there I feel better about my health and my body. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!!”

Brett Kajganich – Rochester Institute of Technology

“MAQ has transformed me as an athlete. Not only has my 60 yard dash time decreased, but my bat speed, and overall strength has also increased. Before MAQ, I struggled with my legs as I was frequently pulling my hamstrings and quads. Their designed workouts and emphasis on running form has eliminated that issue. I can honestly say that MAQ has allowed me to reach my potential in terms of performance and as an athlete. My only regret is not coming to them sooner!”

Kira Rogozinski – Ohio State University

“MAQ has developed me as an athlete more than any other program I’ve worked with. In the first Summer I worked with them, my vertical went up 4 inches in just 3 months of work. Since then, I have been with MAQ for the past 3 years, and I owe all of my success to them. They know what they’re doing and know how to have fun and still get results. I would be nowhere near the player I am today if it wasn’t for MAQ”

Ally Badowski – Indiana University

“MAQ is a one of a kind gym with the best training experience one can have. Trainers are one on one with you, making sure you get the most out of every workout. MAQ has contributed so much to my game and goals as a player, making me stronger, quicker, with so many other contributions to reaching my maximum potential. Its done more than prepare me for competing in one of the best Division 1 volleyball conferences, and compares to the high intense training we receive. It is a blessing I am lucky enough to workout with the best trainers; also the best people, with the best workouts to assist in accomplishing every goal you strive for. I wouldn’t want any other gym to train at!”

Abby Brinkman – University of New Hampshire

“MAQ is the perfect mix of cardio and strength. I gain confidence at every session and always feel prepared for my college fitness tests. MAQ workouts are the hardest I have ever done and I feel great after every workout.”

Madalyn Kosar – Washington and Lee University

“Working out with MAQ was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it was definitely worth it and one of the biggest factors in our state championship run at Gilmour.  It not only helps get you into shape but it’s also a lot of fun with awesome trainers. It was consistently my sister and my favorite parts of the day, regardless of the workout.”

Anton Grady – Cleveland State University

“MAQ has helped me become a better all around basketball player. Being able to have access at MAQ makes it easy to want to work hard and stay dedicated to working out because I know I always have a place to go. In general, working out at MAQ has also made me a better person. I’ve met several new people and became really close friends with some of them.”

Tyler Ptacek – Evansville University

“MAQ has made me a better basketball player by working hard everyday and having fun while doing it. MAQ has made the game of basketball come easier for me after all of the tough workouts I went through.”

Sam Grant – University of Oklahoma

“I accepted a scholarship to play TE for the Oklahoma Sooners and knew I needed to be in shape when I reported in June. I had looked at many programs in the past promising to increase strength, speed, and agility. But, most of those programs seemed to be all about getting a bunch of people to enroll more than about helping me accomplish my goals.

I didn’t find that to be the case with MAQ. I started working with Dave as soon as my high school football program was over. I hadn’t really concentrated on speed and agility like I felt I needed to, and Dave really helped me accomplish that goal, along with incorporating the Oklahoma workout program into my routine.  I noticed results and worked with Dave right up until I had to leave for Oklahoma. I felt that I was in good condition going into the Oklahoma summer conditioning program as a result of my workouts at MAQ. I will continue to work with Dave when I am home in May. You can’t go wrong with a custom program like MAQ. They design a program for you to meet your individual goals. Sure was better than going somewhere else and being a dime a dozen.”

Kaitlyn Leary – Ohio State University

“I have nothing but great things to say about Dave and MAQ. From starting when I was 12 years old with Dave in the gym, he has pushed me to become the athlete I am today. From his workouts leading me to back to back state championships at the high school level, to preparing me for division 1 big ten volleyball, to my transition to the sport of beach volleyball. I am 27 years old now and still competing at the highest level, thanks to my hard work ethic that was honestly formed in the MAQ gym. MAQ workouts were tailored to my needs and I am so thankful that Dave has followed me and helped me along my career. I am impressed of the way his gym has expanded in the Cleveland area and I can not stress enough to young athletes and adult athletes, MAQ workouts will help you get you where you need to be. I can attest that he will push you to be your best and that Dave and his staff care about their athletes. I’m so thankful for what MAQ has brought me.”

Jacob Simon – Mount Union College

“I started MAQ training my senior year in high school and it had done nothing but form me into what my full potential could be. Not only will you see results and become faster, stronger, and quicker, but you will learn self discipline and hard work which are qualities that will help you become successful in life. If you want to be great, nothing comes easy, but this training is nothing like I have ever done, and I credit it to alot of the success that I have acquired since I have been playing college ball at the University of Mount Union. Bottom line is that MAQ has made me the man I am today. It has helped me become not only stronger physically, but mentally as well. Dave will not only work with you on your strengths, but he will focus on your weaknesses making you get to a level that you never knew that you could reach. Not only is Dave a great trainer, but he is a great person who cares and supports your dreams and aspirations. If you could survive training at MAQ, than you can conquer anything in life plain and simple. God Bless and stay hungryyy!!!”